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A very rare combat worn M35 Double Decal SS Helmet, these helmets are becoming very rare to find. The shells maker is ET and the size is a 64, it has a lovely toned 2nd Pattern Rune decal and the national shield has hadmuch natural wear. The liner and chinstrap are the correct early type with the square Aluminium chinstrap lugs on the liner and the chinstrap has thecorrect early Aluminium buckle. A very nice original SS helmet



A very clean single decal Army M42 helmet. The shell size is a ckl66 with
all of its original paint remaining and a near 100% decal, it also has a
dome stamp on the interior of the shell. It comes complete with its original
liner and chinstrap. A truly nice helmet.




A nice original M42 single decal Army helmet shell size ET64. It comes with
its original liner and chinstrap, unfortunately the liner is a little dry
and has cracked in a few places, it has some initials and a name written on
it which i can't make out. A good honest helmet



A good combat worn M42 single decal Army helmet ckl64.This helmet is totally
untouched and has its original liner and chin strap.



M42 non decaled helmet, totally untouched, I know this as I picked it up myself from the veterans family who told me has been stuck up in their late father's loft since the end of the War !! It's a ckl64 maker and obviously comes with its original liner and chin strap.



A genuine SS single decal M40 Helmet, as you can see by the batch and lot
number it was produced purely for the SS. It has been camouflaged at some
point in its life. It has its original liner and chinstrap present. Quite a
rare helmet at a fair price.


HM 31A

 A very well worn single decal SS M42 helmet as you can see by the pictures it has the remains of the first pattern runic decal which has been applied slightly at an angle ( which i like )> It is a size ET66 with a size 60 liner so quite a large helmet.



A factory made Luftwaffe Officers overseas cap with silver piping and other ranks insignia. Improvised versions made by adding silver wire to an enlisted mans cap are more common than the true officers model of this cap. The cotton lining has a nice makers and date stamp 41' on the interior.




Luftwaffe first pattern Pith Helmet in original worn condition.




Luftschutz M38 3 piece helmet in untouched condition and nicely marked up on
inner skirt at rear.





A nice battlefield pick up, M40 single decal Army helmet, shell size NS64. It comes with its original liner and chinstrap, the liner has never been out of this helmet and is in all round good condition. It has a small impact
crack on the dome of the shell which I have shown in the pictures.





A lovely 'veteran' pick up, a Kreigsmarine ratings side cap in totally original condition. It's a good large size 58.





A very clean untouched M40 single decal Luftwaffe helmet, it has all its
factory applied matt finish with about 85 - 90% of decal remaining, its a
large size Q66 shell with a 60 liner so will fit all you 'BIG' heads. It
comes with its original leather chinstrap. A nice honest helmet.



A M35 reissue helmet with what looks like the remains of a Kriegsmarine decal. The decal has worn away with wear which is quite common with navy helmets - possibly a reaction to the salt water? , unfortunately the rodents have got to the over the liner over the years when it was stored away in a




A well worn Officers side cap, it has green soutache/felt period hand applied indicating Mountain troops. The cap has a couple of moth nips to the rear as shown in pictures but in overall good condition. The air vent grommets are the correct size and type, the cap is also a good size.



A lovely condition Infantry Officers visor cap with a year date 1939 stamped
on the inside of the sweatband There is no moth or damage to the cap. A good
honest visor at a fair price.




A nice combat worn rarer M42 side cap 'Feldmutze'. It has the 2 part
insignia but what's nice about this cap is that the soldier has personalised
this cap by hand stitching the roundel.




AArmy Infantry NCO visor cap in nice original condition, it has a couple of
small moth nips but otherwise in good condition. It has a nice makers label
in the sweatsheild.



A lovely 'salty' well worn M42/43 peaked Army cap. This cap looks like it's just come off the head of a combat soldier, it has loads of character !! It started life as a M42 side cap with factory applied 'T' insignia and correct grommet and was then converted to a 43' cap with a period applied peak which was so often the case !! A rare cap with many stories to be told !!!




A rare M40 beaded Railway Police heavy gauge combat helmet, the helmet shell has most of its original rough factory paint still remaining, it has a beautiful period hand painted decal applied. The shell size is a 66 and it has name/unit applied to inner rear flange. The liner is a classic civil defence one which varies from the Armed forces. A nice rare helmet at a fair price.




A very nice condition German army side cap 'Feldmutze'. It has the
manufacturers and size stamped onto the interior lining. A great example




A RAD overseas side cap.






Good original Ladies Luftwaffe side cap, it has the typical Luftwaffe eagle insignia hand stitched to the front of cap, the lining is of a soft cotton type material different to the men's cap. This cap shows a good sign of honest wear.


A named Army Infantry NCO cap which has just come out an attic in Austria !!
As you can see unfortunately the moths have got to it BUT it shows loads of
character and has plenty of history, its a size 57 and dated 1936 and has
his 'jager' regiment 9 stamped on the inside of the sweatband also in there
was a period newspaper to make the cap smaller !
I like this cap




This lovely Coastal Artillery side cap came from the same family as I got
the non decaled M42 helmet which is listed above. Totally not messed with
and a truly original item from Normandy



A double decal M40 Luftwaffe helmet complete with liner. Shell size ET64
with its original early blue paint.
A good cheap starter helmet for the beginner.





A nice battlefield pick up ! A German M42 single decal Army shell and liner band with a bullet hole penetrating through the back skirting and you can see where it finishes on the front liner band ! I should imagine the liner has been removed as it would have been covered in blood. It has remains of a paper shipping label to the top of the crown - so possibly 'A war trophy'.




An original German Army side cap 'Feldmutze'.



Hitler Youth M43 'Flak' helpers cap with its original HJ diamond insignia
factory sewn to cap. A very ice example.




A very rare Army tropical M43 'summer' cap as worn by the 'Afrika Korps. It
has its original insignia stitched to the front of the cap and has a nice
size, year and manufacturers stamp on the inside traditional red lining. BUT
unfortunately the mice have got to it in storage and as you can see made
some nasty holes !!! However still a very desirable cap and displays nicely
in a cabinet or even on a mannequin placed correctly ! Its half the price of
an undamaged one.